“Theology is faith seeking understanding.” – St. Anselm

Based on a research conducted by a group of students from an Augustinian Recollect school entitled, “Generation X”, it appears that most of the youth today are not participating in religious activities because they find activities of this kind boring. It seems that they are more engaged in things that are related to science and technology.

Theology, by its etymology, came from the Greek words, theo and logos, meaning Word/God and science, respectively. Thus this telling us that Theology is the science of God and His Words. But St. Anselm formulated his own definition of Theology as “faith seeking understanding”, and because it involves understanding, it proves that Theology really is a science.

Modern day scientific facts: Theology Edition

“The scientists’ task is to uncover the revelations of God.” – Theological proverb

According to the saying above, a scientist’s task is to uncover the revelations of God. And so may I present to you these modern day scientific facts about Theology.

Did you know that…

…according to Theology, science and faith can contradict but should not because scientists are said to be the instruments of God’s revelation? God reveals Himself through nature, thus it tells us that a mistake in our thinking about nature results to a mistake in our understanding about God.

…there is a thing called “new cosmology*” that states that there is an unseen force/energy behind all creatures, which in the Christians’ point of view is God? This makes it possible that science will soon totally prove the presence of God.

…Theology is the “Queen” of all sciences for it is the scientific study of God? Therefore Theology should be given importance.

Theological humor:

Look around you and discover the qualities of God:

Look at the nature; You’ll see God’s creativeness.

Look at the sea; You’ll see God’s purity.

Look at the stones; You’ll see God’s firmness.

Look at the doves; You’ll see God’s tranquility.

Look at the mirror; You’ll see God’s sense of humor. =)