“Kuya/Ate, penge piso. Di pa po ako nakain.”

This line is not new to us especially when we go around the different streets of our country. We often ignore those children who are asking us that kind of question. When we ask them why they are asking for money, they often say that they are not yet eating. When we ask them where their parents are, they often say that their father is working and their mother is unemployed. When we ask them why their mother was unemployed, they often say that their mother is the one taking care of their siblings. When we ask them how many siblings they have, they often answer with the minimum of four.

Most of the underprivileged people have the same family situation. They usually have many children but only one parent is working, and the salary of the one working is usually not enough to support the basic needs of their family. This causes one of the major problems in our society, Malnutrition. It is also a big problem that when one member of their family gets sick, they don’t know anymore where to look for money. And in this manner some say to them, “Anak ka ng anak, wala ka namang perang pambuhay sa pamilya niyo.” Maybe we may ask why they want to have many children in the family. The common answer to that question is that beyond of their economic status, their children are their ultimate source of joy especially when their children are still babies. And so when one child grows up, they want to have another baby for them to have another means of joy. And it has been an endless cycle in their life.

In a biangular approach, wealthy people say that deprived persons are the ones who act as hindrances to progress in our society because they are not looking for a way to risen up their academic status, knowing that it is the key to be able to find a good job for them to rise in their present economic status, but deprived persons asks privileged people if how can they risen up their academic status if they don’t have enough money even to support they daily needs.

The problem is now stated. Is there a way for them to risen up their economic condition? Do we have a role in their rising up process?

The answer to those questions is definitely yes! If there is a way for them to rise up their economic condition, and we have a role in that rising up process, how do we take part in it?

We are the key to their success. We are the only ones who can help them rise up. It is us, their neighbors, who can hold one of their hands to pull them out. Several approaches we can do to have them step on the same ground we are stepping into. Hence, if this is the first step going to the road to development, let us now start walking. For a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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