Every second Sunday of November, we celebrate and enjoy our fiesta. We venerate an icon that already became part of our history—the Nuestra Señora dela Soledad de Porta Vaga.

As we look into the 17th century icon of our Lady, what we see is a tearful scene where the mother, after the returning home from the place of death of her Son, is in sorrow.  On her knees, she deeply prays. But is Christ, our Lord and Savior, present on the icon we venerate?

What we see is not always what we get. Not because we don’t see Christ on the icon, He is not anymore part of the picture. By reflecting on the icon, we can realize that Christ is really there.

Though we cannot see, Christ is there on Mary’s mind. In the Blessed Virgin’s prayer, He is there on her intentions. Stains of His precious blood are on the nails and crown of thorns. He was also the one who sent the angels to guide His mother while he was not physically there.

Christ will never leave his mother. Not even physical death can destroy the relationship of the Redeemer and the Lady who became the instrument of Salvation.

Even the religious icon itself speaks of this. There have been many instances and tragedies that almost destroyed the icon of Our Lady. Storms, fires and theft, all these happened, but still, her miraculous picture exists up to now, still venerated by the faithful who wishes to be with her Son. Christ is the one protecting the icon.

By venerating the icon, let us not forget Christ. He is there. He is the real focus of the icon. Even the Lady is thinking of Him, thus, we should also be thinking of and praying to Him through the miraculous image of Our Lady of Solitude, Reina de Cavite.